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Preacher S Fury (The First Mountain Man 18)

Preacher Fury: The First Mountain Man

In the annals of American folklore, the name Preacher Fury stands as a testament to the indomitable spirit of the frontiersmen who carved out their own existence on the untamed frontier. Born in North Carolina in 1787, John...

Jerry Hayes profile pictureJerry Hayes3 min read
Bullets Don T Argue (A Perley Gates Western 3)

Bullets Don't Argue: A Perley Gates Western

In the untamed wilderness of the American West, where law and order were often just a distant echo, the name Perley Gates evoked tales of adventure, courage, and the relentless pursuit of justice. Among...

Clay Powell profile pictureClay Powell4 min read
Preacher S Peace (Preacher/The First Mountain Man 9)

Preacher Peace Preacher: The First Mountain Man

Preacher Peace Preacher was a larger-than-life figure in the American West, combining the roles of preacher, trapper, and explorer. Known for his eccentric personality and unwavering faith, he left an enduring legacy as...

Neil Gaiman profile pictureNeil Gaiman4 min read
Preacher S Slaughter (The First Mountain Man 21)

Preacher Slaughter: The First Mountain Man

Bartholomew Slatter, better known as Preacher Slaughter, was born in Virginia in 1795. His early life remains shrouded in mystery, but his subsequent adventures in the American West propelled him to legendary...

Finn Cox profile pictureFinn Cox4 min read
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The War On The West (Vol1): Surviving Fourth Wave Feminism (Volume 1)
Reginald Cox profile pictureReginald Cox

The War on the West: A Comprehensive Analysis of the...

The West, as we know it, is facing an...

·5 min read
Jack And Jill Went Up The Debt Hill
Caleb Carter profile pictureCaleb Carter
·4 min read
Born A Crime: Stories From A South African Childhood
Eric Nelson profile pictureEric Nelson
·5 min read
Down Amongst The Dead Men (Warhammer 40 000)
Ken Follett profile pictureKen Follett
·4 min read
Borderline Love In Beirut Majd Zaher
John Keats profile pictureJohn Keats
·4 min read

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